Friday, December 26, 2008

Pickles - Cucumbers soaked in evil !!

Why do the smallest things make me smile?

Today I met someone, well ok, haven't actually met in person, but met "cyber-ly" who's nickname was the greatest, most memorable name I have heard in long time.

His name is "Pickles".

See...? You're smiling aren't you?

Now, before anyone starts screaming "What are you doing online meeting people?!" You already HAVE someone in your life.
Relax Martha! It's ok and besides, although I haven't written about HIM much around these parts, it's because he's not really sure he wants to BE written about.
Trust me, I got da pictures and the stuff TO write about. but as I've always said, I totally respect someone's privacy and MOST especially his!
In fact, I'm not putting anything more than this new friends nickname here in this chapter, so you won't REALLY know who he is!
Ok, enough.... back to "Pickles"...

You know how some people just "click" with you. Some people are an instant warning buzzer, and some you couldn't care one way or the other.
Since I'm in television, titles are a real eye-catcher for me. And I also know how important they can be to the success or failure of a program or film.
Trust me, if you knew just how much research goes into creating titles of movies and tv shows, you'd be amazed!

Let that be a lesson to you when you're choosing a screen name in your favorite chat room!
I would advise again using things like Fatty300 or NeverShowers1234, you get the idea. Then again, MY screen name makes everyone think I'm a total SLUT. (I'm NOT!) But... it's all about the marketing! And NO... I will not tell you what my screen name is there. But I'm sure you can find me!
I spoke to "Pickles" and he said I was "funny"! Hmmm. I normally take that as a compliment, so I guess I will this time too.
I'm not sure how he felt, but I felt like I have made a friend. We just seemed to click. I'm not implying ANYTHING here. Hear me? ANYTHING. But in spite of the fact that 99.9% of people on THOSE sites are just looking for the next quick thing. Some people actually DO make friends there, and what is wrong with that?
(Can I hear an "Amen!"?)
So, Pickles. Great name and great marketing. It caught MY attention.
Now, we just gotta work on those pictures in your profile! ha!

Oh, by the way. I have found some VERY old pictures of me from a VERY long time ago. Like when I was 10. (did I hear someone say... 'they had cameras THAT long ago?'!)
Yes, we did. I'll try and get them uploaded to my photos pages sometime this weekend.


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