Friday, June 16, 2006

what am I doing?

You know, it's strange. (yeah... so...? my life is ALWAYS strange!) But a dear friend from New Zealand texted me and said something about "finding" my blog and he said it seemed that I was a very popular guy in KL. haha! It actually really made me stop and think and then go and read back all my sms's....
HE'S RIGHT! Actually I don't think it makes me look "popular", I think I look like a complete SLUT! hahaha
It's strange but, other than a few exceptions, (you know who you are) a lot of those sms's go unanswered. and MOST of them come to me unprompted, other than from my giving out my phone number.
I'm not shy about giving out my handphone number to people I meet. I figure if they want to call me or text, fine. No harm. Altho I have VERY much regreted it oncein a while. But, as you can see, sometimes the texts get a bit out of hand!
I'm not really making excuses here, hey... I'm human. (well, sometimes) but I think what I'm trying to say is, if you've never met me, or maybe even if you have... you really can't judge me by my sms's...
When I started this thing, I thought it would just simply be interesting (in some absurd way) to read what kind of texts I get every day. and I guess it's turned out that way.
It's just that a few of my friends have written to say.... "I had no idea the kind of messages you get and how many, and the things people say to you! You slut!" And they meant it in a kidding-joking way! Remember, these are my friends!
Again, if your sms's are posted there, don't be afraid. As I said in the beginning, I'll never EVER post something that would identify the sender. In fact, altho I have posted nearly every single sms I get each day, there have abeen a few which I won't post. Hey, a guy's got to have SOME privacy! :)

more later....


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