Sunday, June 04, 2006

my first rant

ok, ok. here. To start things off I've clipped and pasted something I wrote on my profile description from G4M website. I wrote this after I was browsing profiles and realised just what a bunch of egotistical bastards there ARE out there. Sometimes I think we are our own worst enemies!
Where the f*** do you get off with this attitude crap I keep reading in profiles?
WHAT exactly makes you think you are all "that", JUST because you are one of a few mat sallehs in this town?
or you have something above a 6 inch dick?
Try thinking past the end of your cock, or beyond your severely over-inflated ego, for a change.
What is WRONG with these people who think they're God's gift to gay men, just because they're caucasian, or well-endowed, or spend too much free time at the gym?
Hey... here's a new-flash for you...
Assholes comes in ALL colors, and ALL body types. and from what you write in your profiles, it becomes REALLY easy to pick you out from the crowd. I just hope most of these guys are intelligent enough to read "between" the lines, and either ignore you, or tell you to take your ego and hit the road.
Damn! DO you ever actually READ carefully some of this shit people write about themselves or what they are looking for?
"Message me and I'll see if you're good enough for me to fuck you"
and my personal favorite:
"Don't message me if your just ok to ugly" Yes, that actually exists in one guy's profile notes!
What the FUCK is up with THAT kind of attitude?
Get a life, and mostly get OVER yourself.
Ok, I'm done now... I'll crawl back into my little hole and keep quiet for a while. 'nuff said...
wait, one more thing to bitch about...
What is up with "bisexual top only"?!?! Is it they just don't care WHAT or WHOSE hole they stick it in? Yuck.
.. just a thought...


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