Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Strange how things work out, huh?

Well, after a month or more of writing all my smses to my blog, I am now seriously considering stopping... When I started it, it was because I thought you'd be interested in sneaking a peek into a little pieceof my world, and I realised just how absurd it gets sometimes.
But now, after posting all these, I've found that somehow, people just seem to STILL misunderstand the point!
I never... let me repeat: I NEVER put anything up there that identifies who sends the text, in fact, other than obvious things and locations, most of the time, even I can remember who sent them by just reading them!
But nevertheless, some friends have called me all upset because they found their sms on the blog.
Listen, only you and I know what we talked about, how I replied, or even sometimes IF I replied.
It was meant to be funny people. Jesus Christ on a popsicle stick, would you just relax and drop the drama? (and I'm not JUST talking about YOU-Ss!)
I'm at a point in my life where I kinda look at things differently. I'm SO damned tired of drama.
I don't deal with drama well, and consequently, I don't WANT any drama in my life.
Wayang Tinggi is the last thing I need. So... that having been said, I'm seriously considering stopping what I started.
I WILL however keep the pages up and THIS site will continue to be my place for ranting and screaming about things or just writing what's on my little mind now and then...

Oh by the way, did I tell you I finally got my fridge! haha! wanna stop over for a cold drink?!

til next time...

Friday, June 16, 2006


Love yourself first. Respect your partner in every way. Be honest; the truth hurts, but you HAVE to hurt before you can HEAL. Never cheat. Beauty is everywhere, but nowhere is it more magnificent than in the heart, mind and soul of your beloved. Cherish the familiarity, comfort and security your intimacy brings you. Boredom is the product of an uncreative mind. Sex isn't everything, but it is an essential component of a healthy relationship. Making love is about so much more than just sex. Make love every chance you get, no matter where you are or what time it is. Never miss an opportunity to kiss. You don't just run out of dreams when all of the really good ones come true. Laugh until you cry. Cry until you laugh. Make time for quality time with your lover. Make time for yourself. Wear your heart out on your sleeve. Let yourself fall into his arms. Pick him up when he's down. Touch his cheek when you whisper to him in the darkness. Stroke his hair as you look deeply into his eyes. Call him simply to say "I love you." Send him cards and write him love letters. You can't go wrong with a bouquet of flowers, just because. Give him time. Take your time. Appreciate your closeness. Give him space. Never invade his privacy. Adore his body because it contains his brilliant mind, delicate heart and gentle spirit, not because it is nice to look at. A diamond is nice to look at, but it cannot keep you warm at night. Do not give anger or resentment a place to live in your relationship. Show him you care, don't just say it. Be responsible in every aspect of your relationship, especially your financial dealings. Learn together. Plan adventures on a regular basis. Don't stop until he's completely satisfied, and then start all over again. Get caught up in your romance at least once a day. Remember that there is nothing more sacred than true love. If you are lucky enough to find it, take good care of it. It may never cross your path again.

what am I doing?

You know, it's strange. (yeah... so...? my life is ALWAYS strange!) But a dear friend from New Zealand texted me and said something about "finding" my blog and he said it seemed that I was a very popular guy in KL. haha! It actually really made me stop and think and then go and read back all my sms's....
HE'S RIGHT! Actually I don't think it makes me look "popular", I think I look like a complete SLUT! hahaha
It's strange but, other than a few exceptions, (you know who you are) a lot of those sms's go unanswered. and MOST of them come to me unprompted, other than from my giving out my phone number.
I'm not shy about giving out my handphone number to people I meet. I figure if they want to call me or text, fine. No harm. Altho I have VERY much regreted it oncein a while. But, as you can see, sometimes the texts get a bit out of hand!
I'm not really making excuses here, hey... I'm human. (well, sometimes) but I think what I'm trying to say is, if you've never met me, or maybe even if you have... you really can't judge me by my sms's...
When I started this thing, I thought it would just simply be interesting (in some absurd way) to read what kind of texts I get every day. and I guess it's turned out that way.
It's just that a few of my friends have written to say.... "I had no idea the kind of messages you get and how many, and the things people say to you! You slut!" And they meant it in a kidding-joking way! Remember, these are my friends!
Again, if your sms's are posted there, don't be afraid. As I said in the beginning, I'll never EVER post something that would identify the sender. In fact, altho I have posted nearly every single sms I get each day, there have abeen a few which I won't post. Hey, a guy's got to have SOME privacy! :)

more later....

Monday, June 12, 2006

Very funny, smart-ass

someone sends me a message wondering why I haven't written much here in this blog.
The real reason is, I haven't had time with my freakin' busy schedule to write. but trust me, I have a LOT of things to piss about.
After they asked that question, they made the comment:
"Maybe it's mostly blank because it's called "Inside Jay's mind" ass!

Sunday, June 04, 2006

my first rant

ok, ok. here. To start things off I've clipped and pasted something I wrote on my profile description from G4M website. I wrote this after I was browsing profiles and realised just what a bunch of egotistical bastards there ARE out there. Sometimes I think we are our own worst enemies!
Where the f*** do you get off with this attitude crap I keep reading in profiles?
WHAT exactly makes you think you are all "that", JUST because you are one of a few mat sallehs in this town?
or you have something above a 6 inch dick?
Try thinking past the end of your cock, or beyond your severely over-inflated ego, for a change.
What is WRONG with these people who think they're God's gift to gay men, just because they're caucasian, or well-endowed, or spend too much free time at the gym?
Hey... here's a new-flash for you...
Assholes comes in ALL colors, and ALL body types. and from what you write in your profiles, it becomes REALLY easy to pick you out from the crowd. I just hope most of these guys are intelligent enough to read "between" the lines, and either ignore you, or tell you to take your ego and hit the road.
Damn! DO you ever actually READ carefully some of this shit people write about themselves or what they are looking for?
"Message me and I'll see if you're good enough for me to fuck you"
and my personal favorite:
"Don't message me if your just ok to ugly" Yes, that actually exists in one guy's profile notes!
What the FUCK is up with THAT kind of attitude?
Get a life, and mostly get OVER yourself.
Ok, I'm done now... I'll crawl back into my little hole and keep quiet for a while. 'nuff said...
wait, one more thing to bitch about...
What is up with "bisexual top only"?!?! Is it they just don't care WHAT or WHOSE hole they stick it in? Yuck.
.. just a thought...