Saturday, January 03, 2009

Ahmad & OB

I have two very special people in my life, and I haven't really written about them.
One wasn't sure he wanted to be written about, and the other is a cat, so he rarely gives me his opinion, unless he's hungry or wants attention.

Let me start with my partner, lover, life mate and friend...


I wasn't sure which shot to use first for him, but since he has this as his facebook profile picture, I figure he's okay with that!

Damned cute, isn't he!!!??

We met, strangely enough, online. He sent me a message and asked if I'd like to meet for coffee. (cheap date, since he worked for a major American coffee chain! hahaha!)

Actually, the first time we met, it was through the window of my car. I didn't have a moment to meet him, but wanted desperately to see him in person. You know how people NEVER look like their profile pictures!?

Well, he didn't either, he was even more adorable in person! ha! So, I went to where he worked and pulled up in my car and called him. he was sitting out in front with some friends, and I didn't tell him I was parked right across from him. As we talked I told him to look over at the car I was in and that's when he first saw me!

Since he didn't run away screaming, we decided to meet again, in a more normal "date" kind of way.
To make a long story even longer... we developed a fast friendship, which grew into more and more, and eventually we were spending every moment we could together.

After a socially acceptable amount of time (about 3 weeks!) he gave up his apartment and moved in.
We have been together ever since. I love him so very much and he has been there for me through some very difficult times. A lesser person would have run away long ago.

So, in spite of the fact that I did not get permisson to post these, I'm gonna anyway.
Some of my favorite pictures of Ahmad!

Previously, he worked for Malaysian Airlines (MAS) so this is a shot of him in his "trolly-dolly" uniform! Handsome, huh?!

Being studious and trying to look like he's concentrating on his work!

and finally, since you are NEVER supposed to post pictures of people eating, here's another shot him when we had pancakes the other day. By the way, they were DELICIOUS! But I guess you can tell that from the look on Ahmad's face!
Don't get mad sayang. I'm just kidding.
He truly is an amazing guy... A wonderful lover... and my best friend!

Finally, the "other" man I live with!

"Woo Hoo!" I hear you say?!?! Well, just a minute before you start all those nasty rumors, I probably deserve anyway....

The other man I live with is.... our cat! Obsidian!

OB for short!

If you don't know, Obsidian is a deep black beautiful glass formed from lava. Since OB is black with yellow eyes, I thought the name was perfect.

I got him from someone who was giving him away because she had too many cats. He's been "fixed" of course, and you should be sure and do the same to YOUR animals! It only makes sense!

He's a pain in the ass.

This is what OB looks like most days, when he's playing (fighting) with Ahmad!

Check out the claws! Kinda reminds me of myself!

So... that's them. The two men in my life. I love them both dearly.

One's just a bit more hairy than the other...


Blogger Derek Fong said...

Such a sweet post here. Your last sentence "One's just a bit more hairy than the other..." make me smile tho. What a good way to describe. Hehe.

10:08 AM  

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