Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Answer the damned phone!!!

Ok, here we go....
Now maybe it's because I'm from some different era, or maybe it's just me, but I have this philosophy about phones which MOST people I explain it to, completely disagree.
In MY opinion... a ringing phone does NOT mean it MUST be answered.
We live in a day when almost everyone has a phone stuck to their hip 24 hours a day. For my international readers, here in South East Asia it's like the plague! Kids have them, grandma and grandpas have them. A lot of people have more than one!
And yes, I've had one since way back when it was a HUGE bag phone that weighed 300 pounds! The handpiece was attached to the base by a twistie cord like your house phone! THAT'S how freakin' old I am! By the way, I just upgraded. I gave up my beloved Motorola V3i for a new iphone, so I HAVE kept up with the times!
But... having said that, my feelings for the phone apparently, are completely different from most people's.
Now let me qualify what I'm about to say that when I'm at work, and it's a business call, I take it.
But, if I'm home, on my own time and someone calls me, WHY do I HAVE to answer the phone if I don't feel like talking to anyone? What obligation am I under to answer the damned phone.
That's how I feel. I do mostly answer it, but if I'm just not in the mood, I don't... and I don't feel bad about it either!
I will probably call you back, later.
Maybe it's just asian culture, but here nearly everyone can NOT let an unanswered phone go on ringing. It's like a freakin' obsession. It's like needing that next crack fix.
Wanna know something else weird? No one leaves voicemail! I get missed calls, but I hardly ever get voicemails. If I don't answer, leave a damned message! If it's THAT important, I'll call you back.
Ok, now this is funny... just now, as I'm writing that last sentence, my "signifigant other" called me! Did I answer...? Bet your ass I did! I said I don't HAVE to answer, but I'm not stupid! haha!
Anyway, what started me on this rampage?
This morning as I'm sitting on my balcony in my underwear having my morning coffee and cigarette, I saw something that struck me as completely absurd.
Behind my block at my condo is a small Chinese Buddhist temple. I believe they call them "Dato temples" Here's a picture above of what they look like, although designs vary.

Okay, so back to this morning. I look down and some woman, mid 30's is there praying.
She has her incense (about 6 sticks) in her hands and it's lit and smoking. Also in her hands, clasped in front of her, is her handphone.
Not that THAT wasn't enough (Jeez lady, could ya put the damned thing down for a few minutes while you pray!?) but then as she's praying, you guessed it... the phone rang.
She STOPS praying, incense still smoking away and puts the Gods on "hold" and ANSWERS the damned phone!!!
You gotta be kidding me! Ya couldn't wait a few minutes? Call them back or something?!
Why do we have to live in an era in which this little electronic device controls our lives so much.
Look people, I don't care WHO is calling. I don't care WHAT you want. If I'm in the middle of something like praying, I am NOT answering my phone! Let's not even TALK about being in the middle of SOMETHING ELSE! (If you know what I mean!) My phone goes on "silent"!
Give me a break.
I hope the Gods decided that whatever she was praying for wasn't all that important.
Or maybe as they were listening to her prayer, THEY got a call and were distracted! ha!

So, go ahead, give me a call. If I'm not busy, I'll probably answer. But... you've been warned!

Just a thought...


Blogger Derek Fong said...

Hahahahahaaaa... Nothing else I did other than laughing when I read this entry of yours. Hahahaa... I have to admit that I am really Malaysian. :p

11:28 AM  

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