Sunday, April 26, 2009

Dead Baby Cigarettes

I smoke. I hate smoking. I have tried everything to quit. From acupuncture to hypnotism to patches and gum and pills. Nothing works. I am addicted to nicotine and that's that. Don't send me all those stupid quit smoking ideas, they are useless and they do not work for me.(more)... I don't smoke in my house, I respect and am careful about smoking around non-smokers. I hate the smell of smoke when I'm eating and sit in the non-smoking section of restaurants.
That having been said (climbs up on soapbox)

Celebration time! We now have our own Dead Baby Cigarettes here in Malaysia.
Featured prominently on the front and back of most packs of cigarettes now are disgusting pictures designed, in theory, to make you quit smoking. We have lots of varieties. The Gangrene foot pack, The Blackened Lungs pack, The Mouth Cancer pack and (my personal favorite) the Throat Cancer pack. That one's REALLY gross, with hanging flesh and red bulbous pus sacks.
But by far, the worst ones are the Dead Baby packs. Get your's today! Collect them all!

One is for miscarriages and the other for premature births.
Written below these lovely pictures are the words on the front in Bahasa Melayu and on the back in English, "Smoking causes _______" (fill in your favorite disease)
First, let me state that smoking does NOT CAUSE miscarriages. The only way it could CAUSE a miscarriage is if you were riding on your boyfriend's motorcycle down a very bumpy road on your way to BUY cigarettes! It IS a contributing factor in miscarriages, but does not CAUSE miscarriages.
Get your freakin' facts right.
Whoever decided to allow these pictures to be placed on these pack, probably the Ministry of Health or something, if they think this going to stop ANYONE from smoking, get real.
Do you think, in this day and age we do not KNOW what happens to some of us if we smoke?
We do. and we have decided to accept those risks and we smoke anyway because we are addicted to nicotine. Some disgusting pictures on our packages are going to what...? Make us decide there and then to stop. Can you see it at the store....
"I'll have a pack of Dunhill Lights pleas... oh wait, are those dead babies on that package!? Never mind. I guess I'll quit smoking now!"

Here is actually my biggest problem, with these pictures.
I live in a country where two heterosexual people (man and woman for those of you who believe pictures on cigarette packs!), can not be shown kissing on television, and I believe in the cinema too.
Again, you can NOT show two straight people KISSING. Forget anything ELSE!
But, right there, across the counter in every 7-11 in the land, where young people tall enough to see over the counter, (say above the age of 7-8) can see someone's throat rotting away. Can see a dead baby laying a pool of it's own blood.
We'd rather they looked at that, than a couple of people in love, expressing their feelings for one another, by kissing...?
Go figure!
okay, I've probably bored you to death by now and besides, I need a cigarett... oh wait... look! A dead baby... I guess I'll quit smoking now...